Friday, February 13, 2009

How to be single and feel great on Valentine's Day

This is the only time of the year that everything... right from NDTV to the Newspapers have something to say about love.
The 37.1% of the population (orkut statistics for single users) have nothing much to do and may get this wrong notion that people celebrating Valentine's Day are a happy bunch (lol)

Here's a scene from 'Everybody hates Chris'

Friday, February 6, 2009

Expecting the world to treat u fairly because u are a good person is a little like expcting the bull not to attack u because u r a vegetarian

Sunday, February 1, 2009

6 websites you don't want to leave in your browser history

" Jo Diktha hai woh hota nahi
Jo nahi Diktha hai woh hi hota hai"

What you'd expect: A database, for finding rapists.
What you'd find: "Find the therapist who's perfect of you", yeah right! that's exactly what I need now.

What you'd expect: .. eh... you get it ?
What you'd find: Big Al's Aquarium,

What you'd expect: yeah, they do. more than me atleast
What you'd find: Children's Wear

What you'd expect: you get these in stores these days?
What you'd find: Cumbria Storage Systems Ltd

What you'd expect: looks like the world's oldest profession has gone pro
What you'd find: Who Represents is where you can find the name of the agent that represents any celebrity

What you'd expect: I'd reckon it's atleast faster than the speed of sound
What you'd find: A chinese guy, in a rather odd positon. Maybe their measuring his fart.

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