Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's so happy about a birthday?

If there's one thing that's common between a 4 year old and a 94 year old, is; both of them will be looking forward towards their next birthday. The same cannot necessarily be said regarding the others. The more birthdays we have, the more complicated our idea regarding a birthday gets.

An analysis of birthday from the point of view of age:

1) 0-2 years

how old are you?
This would be answered by a third person, a parent in most cases and oddly enough you wont get a straight answer.
"She's 17 months old"
Why would I want that? I find it very difficult to convert that into years. 5 months is no big deal for me, it would make a lot more sense if you just told me she's one year old.

2)2-13 years

This is the real fun part. Birthday's are not all that common, and you love the perks they bring along, birthday parties, gifts and more importantly a promotion.

how old are you?
Nobody is just 5 years, you are "5 and a half", yeah, the half is a big deal now. It's like I am closer to 6 than 5.


how old are you?
"I am going on 16", the one month that's passed since my last birthday is good enough to take me to the next whole number.


how old are you?
This is probably the most honest phase of your life, so you are just as old as you are.

5) 30-40

how old are you?
The fact that I am 35 is good enough to pass me onto the "early thirties tag".


how old are you?
"I am in my late thirties", you don't expect someone of my age to lie, do you?


how old are you?
It doesn't make a difference, I am closer to the finish than the beginning.
"eh! could you repeat that?"

8) 95+

how old are you?
This is where the cycle takes a 360 degree turn
"I will be completing 99 next year, and if I am lucky you will see me on my 100th birthday as well!"

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