Sunday, May 22, 2011

JBIMS GDPI Experience 2011 for MBA-CET

[No, I'm not blogging again. This is just a GDPI experience post, that I put up on pagalguy's forum]

X: 81.2
XII: 83.3
Graduation: 59.1
CET %ile : 99.54
Candidature Type: Type A

DATE and TIME: 22nd May, 11 am

GD Details:
GD Topic:
1) Bankers should use force or be friendly while recovering loans.
2) In order to solve the population crisis, male population should be sent to foreign countries.

No. of People Present: 12
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
DTE has definitely run out of topics. What an absurd topic for GD.
About 4 people voted for the first, rest for the second one.
Points that were put forth:
-Skewed Gender ratio in India
-Requirement of labor in developed countries.
-Immediate solution to population problem as compared to other population control methods.
-Someone said, something about Australia, that's where I jumped in because Australia is the perfect example of male population being relocated (in their case forcefully) and then prospering.

Most people spoke against the topic. Few kept jumping either side of the fence. Here's the worst part, Compared to previously posted GD experiences I seemed to have an unusually over-enthusiastic group. Almost everyone was present, and everyone wanted to speak. People spoke simultaneously throughout the GD, but occasionally everyone listened to what was being said.

Overall fairly decent GD, no consensus reached, but everyone put forth valid points.

PI Details:
By far the most memorable interview I have ever had.

Panel Members:
2 men.
1 Professional Looking guy, had worn a tie. Probably South Indian. Looked a little impatient, wanted to get over with the interview. Let's call him Prof.
1 guy around 50 years who looked just like Amol Gupte, sans the beard. He had long hair, I cut my hair about 2 days back, if I knew this guy was taking my interview, I wouldn't have cut my hair. Let's call him Psychic (You will know why, very shortly)

The girl who went before me took over 40 min, so I was pretty anxious, wanted to get it done with. I enter the room. Both of them are discussing something, don't take notice of me for about 20 seconds, then one of them asks me to sit. Psychic takes my PI forms. The following transcript is reproduced to the best of my knowledge, any discrepancies are regretted.

Psychic: So, you studied at St. Mary's? Which St. Mary's did u study at?
Me: Kalina, Sir.
Psychic: Oh, so you're from the other corner of the city.
Me: Yes Sir.
Psychic: There's a girls school close to your school.
Me: Yes Sir, Mary Immaculate School.
Psychic: So you spent a lot of time behind these girls?
Me: *wide grin
Psychic: Who was your school Principal.
Me: Fr. Frank Fernandes for sometime, later Fr. Adrian Ferriera.
Psychic: Ok, tell me where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Psychic: Wait, you wanted to be a priest?
Me: How do you know?
Psychic: I can tell.
Me: My Grandmother wanted me to be a priest, she always prayed for me, now a cousin of mine is studying to be a priest.
Psychic: So it's the 3 of you.
Me: ^2 (*damn!, i should have never activated google latitude, have I been followed?) Yes, How'd you know, we are 3 brothers? , do you know me, do you know my family.
Psychic: (*Points at my form) Its all in your form. (*there was nothing in my form apart from poor graduation scores)
(*Just before I felt the Psychic is going to predict the color of my underwear next, Prof. speaks up)
Prof: What's India's GDP?
Me: (*Do you know India's GDP? Well I know, it's $ 1.38 Trillion. But what do I end up saying) 8.5%
Psychic: That's not India's GDP (*Get's up and leaves the room)
Prof: Have you heard about the 2G scam. What's it about.
Me: Spectrum Allocation bla bla. Auctions are carried out bla bla. Prices were underestimated bla bla. A Raja dint follow practice, bla bla. Gave e.g. of prices in 3G spectrum allocation.
Prof: Do you think the terrorists problem will be solved if India gives Kashmir to Pakistan?
Me: No. Gave e.g. of terror strikes in Pakistan at Karachi, Islamabad, without provocation.
Prof: So when did you graduate?
Me: I haven't graduated yet, I still have to answer my Semester 8 exams.
(*Prof is surprised, looks at me, as if to say, how's that possible?)
Prof: Ok, what's the difference between Oracle something, and ERP something.
Me: I'm sorry, what? (*at this point I know, I don't know the answer, just hope he changes the question)
Prof: What's the difference between Oracle something, and ERP something (I think it sounded like See-Saw).
Me: I don't know, that's beyond my domain of knowledge (*Yea, I don't know why, but I said that)
Prof: OK, that's it.
(*what! that's it, i couldn't answer anything convincingly, please ask me the capital of libya, please ask me the capital of libya)
(*at this point Psychic enters, I shake his hand as I leave, and tell him if I knew you're going to be my panelist, I wouldn't have cut my hair, he smiles, I smile, Prof. just looks on)

Any other relevant details: There's no ARC verification being done at JBIMS, you need to go to Sydenham.

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