Monday, September 29, 2008

The last question

Life moves at its own pace. There are some people who keep pace with it and others who lose out. It is not possible for anyone to dictate the pace of life, but there is a way in which destiny can be chosen and not received.

Steve was once, attending a seminar. During the seminar, he noticed a pretty girl. He was immediately attracted to her. But like most people, he hesitated and didn't want to rush things since, it was an important phase in his career.
Then a thought struck him, he asked himself, "What if, this is the last night of life?"
Will I still live it in the logical way, or would I do something different? The next thing Steve did was go up to the girl and asked for a date. She did accept his invitation.

Steve Job's question is a great way to look towards life. It is the very instinct of 'no tomorrow' that compels us to live, our today, to the fullest.

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