Friday, June 20, 2008

I think...therefore I am

I happened to watch a documentary which went by the name of 'The Secret', an adaptation of a previously published book.
The first 5 minutes of the movie is very cluttered, it appears to follow the rendition of Da Vinci code, and understandably makes an effort to replicate it's effect. But once the narration starts getting clear, it starts looking more like Discovery channel material.
I did'nt intend to make this sound like a movie review, but thought it was worth a mention, coz I could really connect with the point of view of the producers.

The working of the universe is beyond any mortal's understanding, but that does not mean one cannot live in harmony with the other higher elements. In other words, it is possible to control the vistas of the future. Even though this may be apparent on a regular basis nobody pays attention to these things. Neither did I, till at least a week back. Two incidents that made me rethink my approach towards life.

I travel by bus daily, not just that I more often than not take at least two buses to college/classes. That means I will have to approach 4 bus conductors daily to buy a ticket, that makes it 28 tickets in a week and approximately 1120 tickets in a year. So after traveling for 3 years, and after buying tickets worth over Rs. 10000, I suddenly think, what the heck! why should I buy a ticket, the probability of me bumping into Ticket Examiner is not greater than me being eaten up by a shark. I don't buy a ticket but keep thinking about what if I am eaten by a shark caught by a Ticket Examiner. And yes, I was caught by a TC that day.

I wonder if I didn't think about the Ticket Examiner all through the way, would he still have been there at the bus stop. Does the way one thinks, really shapes the universe? , whatever be the case, I am a believer.


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