Thursday, March 27, 2008

after thoughts in black

"to be, or not to be"

For any given question there will always be two possible answers. No matter what answer you pick, there's never a middle path, it's always a positive one or a negative one. Everything from computers to cars works on this. There is either an on or an off, there's no third possibility.

Wherever life takes us, there will always be a point of time when we need to make a decision, it doesn't matter if you like making decisions or try to avoid them. The truth is that everyone on this planet has to make choices. A few may have to take a choice for a few million others, but that doesn't make it necessarily an important one. The president of USA may have to make a choice between supporting the Dalai Lama or condemning him. This will in turn directly influence world politics. But the system that has put Mr. President in charge of taking such a decision is built up completely on a wonder called democracy which would again fall back to choice.

The point that stands out is how a choice is made. You either operate on your instincts and act, or think and make a decision. Throughout my life I have been working with the latter and at this quarter life phase that I'm passing through, I realize, I may not get a chance to work with the former method. In other words I will now try to work more on instinct or what I feel is right, rather do what I think is right. I will leave the thinking part for the after-thoughts.

PS: Ideally this should have been the first post in the blog, but as I said I'm not exactly living a ideal life, so it should not make much of a difference. Coming back to the blog, I would love to have it named just 'afterthoughts' but due to limitation of blogger names, I have added the in black part, because I always wanted to do something for black. The rockers have done their bit for the other colors, purple(deep purple), red(red hot chili peppers), green (green day) now its the time for some colored blogs ;)


Internet Existence said...

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S.Ghosh said...

hey nice one....but sometime don't you think it seems decision dominate us rather than we dominating them....

nice post!!!

wolf counsellor said...

yeah, more often than not we end up becoming a product of our decisions, and not the other way round

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