Friday, March 28, 2008


Korn, came out with a song called 'evolution', some time around last year. The video shows a few scientists trying to explain a phenomenon which they call as 'de-evolution of man'. They put forth some pretty decent evidence supporting their claim; alongside this, they manage to compare a chimpanzee with man. Finally however the theory is rejected, in true yankee style.

To the casual observer, evolution is a thing of the past, something you'll come across in your history books, but the truth is man is evolving at a much faster rate than ever before. Even if you would compare today's average man, with that of the 1900's you'd find some difference. I really can't say if this is something that's desirable or isn't. But one thing is for sure that 500 years from today, man will not be the same.

Coming back to a more realistic dimension, there's been some evolution rather de-evolution happening with me on a personal level. There was a time I would score 80% and be sad about missing a rank, today after scoring 40/100 in 3 subjects, I can undoubtedly say that I'm frigging happier than anyone else. So from an academic point of view a de-evolution might have taken place, but ain't I happier now?


pratap said...

yah rite wen cant say that it is de-evolution exactly.Maybe who knows man may get some extra addtional featurs in himself and become more powerfull.But predicting the future is as difficult as that of changing the past.You never know what is going to happen tomorrow.
As the history says when one thing gets started ,it has to end somewhere so according to it that de-evolution maybe real one and it may take place but we cant change it and neither we should try to change it.
Topic is really nice one!

tremlanquer said...

korn is a decent band and Evolution is a great track!


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