Saturday, November 22, 2008

4 ways to be a different person

Are you bored with your life? Are you tired of being nerdy or geeky or cool or cute or ugly? Do you want a new avatar?
Use one of the following get-ups to make the world look at you in a different way and notice the sea of change that will come into your life!

Wear Specs

Qualities that you will be automatically associated with:
hardworking, intelligence, more productive

Male spectacle wearers have a tough time, picking up chicks. See pic above for further evidence.

Grow a beard

If you travel a lot, you are only going to be frisked even more


People who smile are considered to be humorous, and playful.

Carrying a smile all the time will only make you look psychotic.

Grow Your Hair

Right from Moses to Abdul Kalam all great Men had long hair. People with hair longer than 5 inches have a 73.2% greater chance of becoming famous. Did you know that 61.7% all statistics are fake and are made up on the spot?

You could be mistaken for a girl, so keeping a beard may come in handy


Keith Mascarenhas said...

lol! nice nice.. Keep it coming! :)


You could put up your own photo in the nerds section and me for the guy with beard.

Looking at how many girls fall for you I am bound to disbelieve your fact that nerds have a tough time getting girls.

wolf counsellor said...

@keith: certainly will

@ashutosh: yes, il put up ur photo in one of my future posts tht will be completely dedicated too u. but ur totally wrong with the girls part. u dont kno anything bout them


Very wrong. Atleast I know the names of a few of them.

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