Thursday, January 1, 2009

Vodafone mistakes me....for Vijay Mallya?

What would you do if you were given an opportunity to pick between Katrina and Priyanka?
Vodafone sent me a SMS before new year, giving me some rather tempting options for New-Year. No; I didn't reply to them, having received Pamela Anderson messages for the last 2 years has only made me wiser.
I planned to spend the evening with COA, (not to be mistaken for Goa). COA is one of third semester subjects for Computer Engineering Students. Again I couldn't stick with my plans and ended up watching Armaggedon on Zee Studio instead.
BTW Happy New Year!


Keith Mascarenhas said...

lol! Wish u a happy new year too! Vodafone's got a good sense of humour! I once got this sms from Vodafone that read "Pay Rs.15 and choose the from the foll. ringtones for FREE!" and then there's "Call karen 55555 par dost banane ke liye" . The latter sounds normal to most, unless you've got a friend named Karen. XD

wolf counsellor said...

yes, when they try to mix hindi and english it makes funny readings.
also these cell companies make most of their money with these "value added services". i once played a quiz game, answered 4 questions and they wiped out rs 40 from my account :( and.. i dint even win the iphone? :((

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