Sunday, February 1, 2009

6 websites you don't want to leave in your browser history

" Jo Diktha hai woh hota nahi
Jo nahi Diktha hai woh hi hota hai"

What you'd expect: A database, for finding rapists.
What you'd find: "Find the therapist who's perfect of you", yeah right! that's exactly what I need now.

What you'd expect: .. eh... you get it ?
What you'd find: Big Al's Aquarium,

What you'd expect: yeah, they do. more than me atleast
What you'd find: Children's Wear

What you'd expect: you get these in stores these days?
What you'd find: Cumbria Storage Systems Ltd

What you'd expect: looks like the world's oldest profession has gone pro
What you'd find: Who Represents is where you can find the name of the agent that represents any celebrity

What you'd expect: I'd reckon it's atleast faster than the speed of sound
What you'd find: A chinese guy, in a rather odd positon. Maybe their measuring his fart.


Keith Mascarenhas said...

lol! fatte sites.. therapist killed it! XD

Glifford said...

Check that!

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