Monday, March 31, 2008

Engineering - An applied problem

Tution Fees for one year @ college: Rs 52,000/-
Tution Fees for maths classes @ vidyalankar: Rs 6400/-
Fanatic guides: Rs 1500/-
Clearing sem I, after scoring
40 in maths + 40 in CP + 40 in BEE: ..........................Priceless

After answering over a few hundred tests in the past 10 years, I never thought I would ever be happy with 55%, But that has changed, and by how! I have honestly never been happier with my result.

A little build up on the scenario:

Post 10th - After scoring over 85% you take up science, and would kill for a vocational subject.
Post 12th - After slogging for over 1 1/2 years, you finally give your HSC, then you give JEE, then AIEEE, then BITSAT, and if still there's some life left in you, you appear for CET.

In case your smart make that really really smart you manage to get into a college on merit, else in case you're lucky enough to have a rich daddy, or like the majority of Indians come under a minority tag you manage to get in.
Now, that was the easy part what follows is years of struggle of what will be a B.E. degree.

College begins, and by the time you sober down you realize your internal tests are on, then you have your practical exams and then finally you're in, for the university exams. Now the exams, as in case of the Mumbai University is one month of exams, each paper is spaced by around 5-6 days. 6 days is all you need for revision. But the problem is for revision you first need to study, that's where smart play comes in.

Smart play by student:
Now this is what students think they are good at
e.g. 1) take BEE, you'd realize that just 2 chapters, AC/DC (no, not the band) make up of 50% of the marks, so you leave the rest for option.
e.g. 2) You open you maths book, and realize that you are actually capable of solving 9 out of 10 sums. The 10th one is too much, for your modest brain, so you leave that.

Smarter play by paper-setter:
The BEE paper will hardly have 20 marks from AC/DC and even Phd holders in electronics won't be able to solve and your maths paper will have only the sums that were too much for you.
Think you're too unlucky?


DK said...

good job with the post.
since i have been an engg student too, can relate to vidyalankar n fanatics etc...
it was fun n lot of hardwork too in the prep leaves..

but clearing was always priceless :-) marks came later!!

The Illuminator said...

You forgot the part where the examiner forgets to refer to the syllabus and gives 90 marks out of syllabus. Those papers are fun to give, even the 6 days of studies is wasted!

BTW, hw did you find my blog? Wch MU college are you in???

arshat.chaudhary said...

hahahhhhaah... nice post...
i rem those good(?) old vidyalankar n fanatic days..
wht college r u in btw?
An yes, if i am not wrong, AC/DC is a part of electrical, so guys with a Phd in electrical wont be able to solve it!! :P

wolf counsellor said...

nice to know, there othrs who agree with me.
im currently at don bosco

@ illuminator
i found your blog while googling for MU, i have bookmarked your blog to lookup for inspiration

@ arshat.chaudhary
yeah, it should have been electrical. as i said my basics r all screwed up

Moo said...

Haha! I am not an engineering student (whew!), but a really close cousin is. Reading your blog reminded me of his rants. :)

And to think you got into all of this yourself! :)

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